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  • A.E. Santana

Summer 2021 Kelp Journal is now out!

Kelp Journal Summer Issue No. 5

I am proud to present Kelp Journal Summer 2021 issue as my first Kelp Journal issue since becoming managing editor in March. Along with editor-in-chief, David M. Olsen, and our wonderful staff of editors, this issue of Kelp Journal includes three short fiction pieces, three small poetry collections, for essays, two photography spreads, two book reviews, one author interview (Maria Hummel), and one true paranormal encounter.

For readers who enjoy a little of everything, this issue of Kelp Journal is sure to please. Read the issue here.

In Olsen's note from the editor, he announces the new imprint, Kelp Books, along with a poetry chapbook, TEEMS \\\///RECEDES, by Caleb Nichols and the launch of Kelp Books' first annual "surf noir" anthology, The Silver Waves of Summer.

Purchase TEEMS\\\/// RECEDES here.

Purchase The Silver Waves of Summer here.

My book review of Whisper Down the Lane by Clay McLeod Chapman appears in this issue. Read it here.


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