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  • A.E. Santana

New release on writing and craft from Kelp Books

PUBLISHED: A CRAFT GUIDE employs traditional and avant garde essays on craft and writing for a new generation of writers

In Published: A Craft Guide, writers of all experience levels will discover a variety of essays that range from traditional how-to pieces to philosophical musings on writing and craft. Written by past and current editors from Kelp Journal, a multimedia literary journal, these essays explore voice, structure, dialogue, developing characters, point of view, suspense, and more. Each essay gives guidance and thoughts on an individual craft topic with an understanding that every writer has their own style and way of doing things.

In this craft book, I have one and half essays discussing suspense and the idea of literary vs. genre stories with A.M. Larks. In "The Suspense is Killing Me: How to Build Suspense in Any Genre," I use a traditional how-to essay format to discuss what is suspense, how and why it is used in writing, and the ways in which writers are able to craft suspense into any of their works. In "Literary v. Genre: A Difference in Preference," author A.M. Larks and I take a moment to muse over what we think the difference between "literary" works and "genre" works is from our backgrounds as a "literary" author and "genre" author, respectively.

Engaging and informative, Published: A Craft Guide delves into each topic with an empathetic touch as the authors have dealt with learning craft during their own publishing journeys. From journalism to fiction to poetry, together, these authors have ran the gamut of genre and experience—learning to break the rules while honoring the purpose of each method.


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