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Stephen Graham Jones

Interview with Kelp Journal

An interview with award-winning horror author, Stephen Graham Jones, discussing his critically-acclaimed novel, The Only Good Indians. Written for Kelp Journal, we dive into the slasher genre, crafting horror, and deeper themes in the genre. 


This short fiction explores issues of shame and fear when dealing with an unknown pain in a private area. Published by Please See Me, an online literary journal with a focus on medicine and the medical community. 


Spotlight on Tananarive Due

Written for Horror Tree for Women in Horror Month, this article spotlights award-winning horror and fantasy author Tananarive Due and her novel The Good House. Due's stories are frightening in how human her characters are and that there is more evil in our human actions than any supernatural entity. 

TCR Talks

With Keithan Jones and Amber Tillman

An interview with comic artist Keithan Jones (owner and founder of Kid Comics) and comic author Amber Tillman (creator of Medicine Cabinet), co-written with A.M. Larks for The Coachella Review

Book Review

Homo Dues: A Brief History of Tomorrow

An exploration of Yuval Noah Harai's Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, including a summary of human history, the next steps of human evolution, what drives us, and where these needs and desires will take us next. Published by The Coachella Review.

Writing True Horror

Six Tips and Tricks

Published at Horror Tree, "Six Tips for Writing True Paranormal Experiences," focuses on writing true supernatural encounters. Whether it be ghosts, aliens, demons, or something else entirely, this article reviews tips and tricks for writing out your story.

Teenage Possessions

True paranormal experience

A true account of dealing with a paranormal experience as a teenager. High school friends battle a deranged entity bent on destroying relationships and possessing its target. Written for Kelp Journal.

TCR Talks

With Abby Geni

An interview with award-winning author Abby Geni, focusing on her third novel, The Wildlands. We discuss craft, research, and how Abby's passion for nature molds her themes and drives her stories. Written for The Coachella Review

CV Storyteller Project

Love and Heartbreak

The Coachella Valley Storytellers Project gathers community members to share and listen to true life stories for different thematic installments. My story of "love and heartbreak" was centered on a special childhood pet, a cat named Nancy. 

Construction Paper

Sadie ignores the clown following her until the clown can no longer ignore his feelings for her. A flash fiction published on Inkitt, Construction Paper takes a stab at obsessed murderous clowns and the women who don't love them.


Camila is fed up with her neighbor Abigail. But anger and magic never mix. Published at Fright Girl Summer, an online book festival that celebrates women in horror, especially those who are in marginalized groups.

The White Card

A conversational review

A conversational review with A.M. Larks on poet and playwright Claudia Rankine's play The White Card. A.M. Larks and I discuss craft and style based off of our reading, but also divulge into Rankine's themes of racial injustice. Written for The Coachella Review.

TCR Talks

With James Comtois

Written for The Coachella Review, this interview with playwright James Comtois delves into creating horror stories, crafting play scripts, and his experience writing the acclaimed vampire play, The Little One.

Book Review

Blunt Force Magic

A review of Lawrence Davis' debut novel, Blunt Force Magic. This urban fantasy was written in part to assist in expressing the struggles associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Published by The Coachella Review.

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