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  • A.E. Santana

New short story featured in 'Latinx Screams'

Published by Burial Day and edited by V. Castro and Cina Pelayo, Latinx Screams is a horror anthology with twelve short stories by Latinx authors. These stories dig deep into the culture, social structures, and lore cultivated by people in the Latinx community.

Sure to make you squirm, Latinx Screams includes shocking and incredible tales of terror by Hector Acosta, Sarah Davis, Rios de la Luz, Laura Diaz de Arce, Sergio Gomez, Arasibo Campeche, Richie Narvaez, Baillie Puckett, Monique Quintana, E. Reyes, V. Castro, and me!

Featured in Latinx Screams alongside eleven heart-stopping stories by talented authors is my short story, "Imperial Slaughterhouse." Lucía is home to visit her dying father and pay her last respects. While divided by her turbulent and gratified feelings of her father's approaching death, Lucía must make a decision that will either help her father into heaven or damn her family to hell.

Find "Imperial Slaughterhouse" and other frightening stories to raise hell in your own copy of Latinx Screams, now available on Kindle.

Paperback edition coming soon!

Cover courtesy of Burial Day.


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