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  • A.E. Santana

Book Review: 'The Worm and His Kings'

Monique Lane lives on the outskirts of society. When her girlfriend, Donna, goes missing, Monique searches the streets of Manhattan for her. Then, one night in Freedom Tunnel, a place where many find repose for a night or encampment for what seems longer than a lifetime, Monique witnesses the bizarre creature known as Gray Hill kidnap another woman. Following her intuition and last shred of hope, Monique tails the strange monster deep under the city into the heart of a murderous community awaiting oblivion at the will of the Worm.

The Worm and His Kings by Hailey Piper is horror novel that reaches deep into the terrors of the universe while showcasing the profound importance of individuality. A captivating story centered on a young woman who is rejected by her family for being herself, Monique finds love and stability only to lose it. Yet Monique is the epitome of a strong female protagonist who calls upon her perseverance, devotion, love, and personal power to oppose a centuries old cult and rescue Donna.

Piper does an extraordinary job moving the reader through this disquieting experience with Monique as the ultimate guide. The story delicately unravels, as does Monique’s tragic backstory. And the more the reader learns about Monique, the more the reader realizes how remarkable she is. Monique’s quest to save Donna ultimately becomes more than a rescue mission. Her journey into the Worm’s liar becomes an extension of her self-discovery—not only who she knows herself to be, but also what she hadn't yet realized herself to be: resilient, capable, and independent.

The characters, human and inhuman alike, are beautifully diverse with themes of acceptance, belonging, and independence masterfully intertwined into the plot. For fans of creepy cults, unusual cryptids, and cosmic horror, The Worm and His Kings is a refreshing and astonishing journey underground and into the frightening dimensional folds of the universe.

Author: Hailey Piper

Publisher: Off Limits Press

Cover courtesy of Off Limits Press.


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