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  • A.E. Santana

Book Review: 'Destruction of Justice'

After saving the world, artificer Janzen Robinson and ex-military Grove concentrate on their supernatural investigation agency as they attempt to heal from the loss of a close friend. But life does not wait around for grief, and soon Janzen and a team of mismatched heroes are thrown into a situation to save Gale—a beloved mother figure and protector—and the balance between our world and the magical world from a unreasonable and unstoppable force known as a Blind Judge.

Destruction of Justice by Lawrence Davis is the second volume of The Monsters and Men trilogy. As with Davis’ first novel, Blunt Force Magic, this sequel blends action and comedy into a witty and adventurous read. Set in the magical under city of Cleveland, Ohio, the novel connects magic with the hard streets of a metropolis, creating a thriving urban fantasy setting.

The story moves with the quick pace of an action film, but also takes the time needed to delve into the characters who are all at once, charming, funny, unique, and at their core, a vibrant representation of the best and worst of humanity.

Davis does an excellent job of growing Janzen’s character and relationships to the other characters through poignant moments of realization and understanding. As Janzen allows himself to get to know those who have chosen to help him, the audience is also shown that people are not always as they first seem—good and bad. Davis does well in featuring a variety of demographics in his characters, blowing through stereotypes, and finding the soul within each character.

Relationships area a central theme in the novel, as it becomes clear to Janzen that he must cooperate, not only with proven friends, but old enemies, pesky bards, and a possible double-crosser, to defeat the Blind Judge hellbent on destroying Gale.

Destruction of Justice is an exciting and entertaining read for fans of urban fantasy, comedic banter, and those who enjoy humanity in their magical tales. Davis’ honest look at people, relationships, and the hardships that come with losing friends and friendship give this urban fantasy the emotional pull to lure readers in again and again.

Publisher: WildBlue Press

Cover photo courtesy of WildBlue Press


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