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  • A.E. Santana

New story 'Tasty Amy' published in brew inspired anthology

Weird Ales Volume 2: Another Round

Looking for some strange tales to quench your thirst for horror? Quantum Corset presents Weird Ales Volume 2: Another Rounds with 13 different stories focused on encounters with bizarre beverages and brews with terrifying results.

"Tasty Amy" follows the escapade of a group of friends as they hit the nightclub scene. Their plans for a good time out on the the town turn deadly when the secret, roaming nightclub they attend gives away a free round of the house drink, a "Tasty Amy." Madness ensues, but monsters and pandemonium can't be too bad. After all, they got a free drink out of it.

The short story "Tasty Amy" was inspired by the insanity of the club and bar scene, especially for the designated driver and sober tag-along.

Weird Ales Volume 2: Another Round is available at

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