Short fiction and other publications

Be Nice
Demonic Carnival Volume III
First Ticket's Free

Ivette and her friends visit the strange carnival that popped up in their town. But a day of rides descends into a madness as they find themselves with a one-way ticket to hell. This dark humor anthology starts with lighter stories and darkens to horrifying tales. Published by Battle Goddess Production. Edited by Valerie Willis.

Tales From the Grave

In the 1920s, a young woman moves to the city and occupies herself with dreams of the future, but is sidetracked by the voices she hears from her phonograph. Notably, her dead mother's. This ghost story anthology features thirty-eight frightful tales. Published by Zimbell House Publishing, LLC.

Tasty Amy
Weird Ales Volume 2: Another Round

Tasty Amy is the house drink and it's sure to give nightclub goers a party like no other. Featured in Weird Ales Volume 2: Another Round, "Tasty Amy" is one of thirteen horror stories, sure to delight anyone with a thirst for strangeness. Published by Quantum Corsets. Edited by Steve Cotterill and created by Theresa Derwin.

Five Mouths
Of the Dead & Dying:
Tales of the Apocalypse

Featured in Of the Dead & Dying, "Five Mouths" is witness to the crumbling of humanity in a group of friends during the zombie apocalypse. This zombie/post-apocalyptic anthology included fifteen stories of horror and death. Published by Witty Bard Publishing, LLC. 

One Road
Deadhead Miles Volume 2

A trio of friends traveling through Southern California on their way to a concert find themselves on a bizarre and deadly road. Deadhead Miles Volume 2 is a horror anthology featuring fourteen tales of highway terror. Published by FoF Publishing.

Outlaw Territory Volume 3

In this graphic novel anthology, "Jackalopes" follows a hunting-obsessed old timer and his grandson as they search for the elusive jackalope in the Old West. Illustrated by Chris King. Outlaw Territory Volume 3 is a western anthology of thirty-five authors and illustrators. 

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